Helping realign individuals and businesses to their original intended purpose

Welcome! I’m Beth, principal and founder of Fisher Strategic. I care about helping organizations and the people within them make better decisions.

I have a passion for people and 27 years of experience with business process. Once you learn how to implement strategic structures, the work becomes fun again. And so do the people. I mean . . . how can you not have fun when revenue is increasing and teams are aligned and operating exactly as they were created in the first place?

If you are looking for real change within your teams and your organization, you’ve come to the right place. With multiple customized services, from group training, workshops, and consulting services, I work with clients to establish programs that align with their vision.


Meet Beth Fisher

I am a tenacious, results-oriented, fervent encourager and inspirer of people. With almost three decades as a consultant with a strong track record of change leadership and organizational performance in industries of all shapes and sizes, I help restructure foundations, both individually and corporately.

I enjoy leading organizations to a higher level of performance and encouraging individuals to show up and be who they were created to be. This often means moving away from a “we’ve always done it this way” mentality and into a strategically automated and aligned environment. I champion best practice execution by leading a culture of authenticity, focus, transparency, accountability and transformational improvement.

By eliminating time sucking redundant steps, efficiencies and revenue rapidly increase. During my 25 year corporate career, I helped over 900 organizations implement Enterprise Content Management solutions. That experience has allowed me to transition into consulting with numerous nonprofit organizations – taking them out of antiquated CRM platforms and old fundraising strategies, and into the right (CRM) systems and right (Development) structures. After system conversion and implementation of targeted workflows, segmentations and process automation, you can expect to see a 20% YoY increase in revenue. As a Chief Advancement Officer, that’s what my team saw and I’d love to help yours see it too.

Services Overview

International Keynote Speaker

National Corporate Speaker

Non-Profit Leadership

Business Process and Change Management Consultant

Certified Holistic Coaching (Personal Development)

Executive and Leadership Coaching

What clients are saying about Fisher Strategic…

Beth Fisher, Coach

I met Beth after I reached out through a Development professional forum to ask how my rescue mission nonprofit peers were handling the tremendous growth in financial support our sector has experienced in recent years. It’s my job to ensure we are well equipped for effective continued growth – which encompasses our Development structure, staffing and systems. I didn’t know I’d be shopping for a new CRM until Beth called me and generously shared her time and experiences in moving from Blackbaud to Virtuous.

Her enthusiasm and encouragement, combined with the excellent results her team had experienced with their change, prompted me to explore Virtuous further. Beth even made the Virtuous introductions, and she continued to be a resource as our interest grew. This included leveraging her team, her knowledge and additional resources to meet with my team and answer our burning questions. Beth was a great help, and a key part of our decision to move to Virtuous.

Kathy Coady – Director of Development & Community Relations, Hope Ministries

What the Consulting World has to say…

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” If there’s a way to describe Beth Fisher, she is the embodiment of this quote by Theodore Levitt. Not only in the way that she’s able to creatively establish the “new normal” with whatever challenge you give her, but also in the way that she takes creative ideas and walks them through a brick wall (with grace) to become reality.

Beth Fisher is a creator but more importantly, she’s an innovator. If she’s guiding you towards a certain destination, you may not have vision for it—but it’s more than likely the place you need to go. Follow closely.

Charlie Lewis - Enterprise Account Executive, Virtuous


Whether you need direct and educational motivational speaking, strategic business process design and implementation, or transformational leadership and development coaching–we have you covered. From customized agendas and scopes of work, to utilizing existing and proven curriculums, we’ll get you back on track. Through deep dialogue, crucial and often uncomfortable questions, authentic feedback and tailored exercises, we work together to raise self and team awareness, mental resilience, and overall long-term transformation.

“I know how to read a room. And you should too.” – Beth