“Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.”

– Dale Carnegie 

We all know there is a “plan” for our lives and organizations, but we also know how easy it is to get off course. I get it, I do. It’s normal to put other people and initiatives ahead of ourselves. To repress our collective goals and aspirations out of fear or muscle memory of the pain we felt the last time we went through uncertainty. Too many leaders and the people and organizations they lead give up before they even give it a real shot – that makes me crazy. Giving up should NEVER be an option. There is always a way.


1/28/22 Cornerstone University: Marketing Department

2/17/22  Frontline Church (Co-Keynote, Women’s Event)

3/3/22 Kosciusko County HR Forum: Employee Engagement and Retention (Keynote)

May 2022 Global Ministries Incorporated: Ohio Women’s Seminar


Beth would love to join you at your event! With over twenty-five years of speaking experience, she regularly speaks at organizational & corporate events, church/spiritual events, women’s groups, and various conferences.

A dynamic and relational story-teller, Beth utilizes her personal and professional experience, in conjunction with humor and tailored application, to inspire people to understand the narrative of why showing up in your story matters.

Armed with an extensive business career and ministry background including two Master’s Degrees, she brings her passion and energy in sharing bold messages of perseverance and decision-making during life’s seasonal transitions and adversities.

If I’m looking for an encouraging speaker for a large group… Beth is the first person I’m calling.

 Brian Miller

City Commissioner, Ward 3
City of East Grand Rapids

Let’s Get Started

I am all about growth and transformation and I want you to be too. Don’t stay stuck, there is always a way forward. I care about helping people and organizations make better decisions. I care about SHOWING UP along the course of our journeys and taking action. I care about being a good partner, friend, employee, and HUMAN. And so should you.

Learn how to do things differently, so you can stop doing them “the way they’ve always been done.”