Consulting SERVICES

 Restructuring organizational foundations and perspectives starting with YOU – the individual

We understand the ongoing challenges businesses face. Whether your organization is a for-profit or nonprofit entity, the way in which you strategize and operate matters both today and in the long-term. Decisions you make have an immediate impact on revenue and morale. They also lead to the potential of long-term revenue and employee morale trending in the wrong direction – especially if the management is happening via outdated and unfriendly CRM systems and incorrect organizational structure.

Our consulting services are based upon four foundational principles:


We will begin by assessing your current org structure, team dynamics and individual employees. Much like a room in your home can be completely transformed by reworking a few pieces, the same is often true among staff. Are your people in the right roles? Do they enjoy what they are doing? If they were able to change or add just one simple element to their current role, might that make all the difference? I am a huge believer that when you have healthy teams across the board, you also have a healthy – and successful – organization.


Are your business processes automated or manual, taxing and redundant? Do duplication of efforts drive your staff crazy and deplete time and energy? A strategic, data-driven process is crucial in order to grow and fill gaps along the way. It’s crucial from a succession planning standpoint. And it’s crucial so your staff understands what is required of them – and how to do it better. Through the use of the right systems and workflows, we’ll get you exactly where you need to be to drive results and increase efficiencies and organizational morale.


Servant leadership is not a new concept. And yet, many organizations struggle with honestly answering this question with regard to its employees: “Is this staff member hungry, humble and (people) smart?” Does 2 out of 3 win? If so, which 2? Furthermore, if staff members are not striving to serve donors, customers, partners, fellow employees and the community at large first – then what ARE they doing?We will help your team become empowered and excited to implement a new set of practical processes that synchronize how people within your organization communicate. How they meet, problem solve, plan, prioritize, lead and manage. Traditional leadership is no longer effective. Learn what is.


How do you become a good steward of your donor’s gifts? Of your employee’s time? Of your own life’s work? By implementing processes and strategies that align with who you, your people and your organization truly are – and have always been. Getting off course happens; it is inevitable the longer your business operates. Knowingly staying that way – operating in silos, communicating ineffectively, enduring mission drift – is another story. In fact, how you tell your story, provide your annual report, and convey the overall health of your organization matters. It ALL does. The interconnectivity between who you are as individuals and who your organization is collectively cannot be understated. We can help bring you back into alignment more quickly than you ever imagined.

consulting services

business process Consulting

Virtual or on-site engagements providing strategic business and people process automation, growth, transformation, and change management and/or executive advisement based upon your overall scope of work.

Team Building Facilitation

On-site or virtual coaching dedicated to team building – up to 20 team members per session.

Large Group Workshops

On-site development workshop for groups of 20+ tailored to your coaching and organizational culture goals and needs.

Executive and individual contributor Coaching

One-on-one coaching dedicated to personal and professional development. Sessions are customizable and may be 30, 60, or 90 minutes.


Let’s Get Started

Being comfortable is nice. It’s easier and more predictable than being uncomfortable or uncertain.

But two things are true: you will either step forward into growth or step back into safety.

Take the first step forward today. Your people will thank you for it. And so will everyone else.