Speaker, Business Process Consultant, and Development Coach

“Be tenaciously relational, but above all else, be who you were created to be.

Beth Fisher

Speaker | Business process consultant | Development Coach

Meet BethBeth Fisher is a speaker, consultant, author, business leader, leukemia-survivor, and marathoner with a passion for helping people and organizations overcome adversity. With what she calls a “checkered resume,” Beth helps bridge the gap between making decisions based on what others expect and instead, choosing based on who (and what) you were created to be. She is a passionate inspirer; especially for those whom society has shunned or competition has toppled.

She spent over twenty-five years in corporate sales and consulting, leading thousands of people within some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to identify and execute process improvement. During the course of that highly successful career is when she finally recognized what she had been doing all along was teaching individuals within organizational constructs how to persevere in their own personal process improvement journey.

Her strong business acumen, coupled with a deep desire to help others traverse difficult circumstances, is what led her to resign from the for-profit world and transfer her years of experience to the Non-profit sector. Firmly believing that all nonprofits should function like for-profit organizations when it comes to business operations, Beth is the Chief Advancement Officer for Mel Trotter Ministries. As part of the Leadership Team there,  she and the rest of the team are on a mission to be at the forefront of battling homelessness while simultaneously changing fundraising revenue strategies as the landscape of philanthropy continues to shift.

Author of Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—Without Losing Yourself, Beth holds two master’s degrees in theology and is a Certified Personal Development Coach. She is a highly sought after speaker and thought leader.

In her spare time, Beth is a freelance writer for TransplantNATION, and hosts two podcasts: Everyday Humanity (for Mel Trotter Ministries) and The Remorseless Podcast. She is also the host of Remorselessly Biblical—a syndicated show about how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible sinner loser as you do. Beth often interviews other speakers, authors, and thought leaders on the show.



“Know your audience. Know and respect where individuals are on the course of their own unique journeys and help lead them along the way.”
“An invitation to (personal and professional) transformation is . . . happening now and happens over time.”
“Do you think your title is not indicative of a ‘leader’? I’m here to tell you, WE ARE ALL LEADERS.”

So, what’s next?

I believe showing up in the world exactly how you were created to be is what is needed in order to lead a fulfilling life, and a successful team and organization. Unapologetic Authenticity, Complete Transparency, and Consistent Work equal who we are and what we do – and are the three key components we must endeavor to exude, both individually and organizationally. 

When we don’t do that, our purpose and results get off track, wrong decisions are made, and we end up on a hamster wheel of “we’ve always done it this way” instead of moving forward on our journeys and ultimate potential. My whole life’s work is to serve others as they begin to show up in their own stories – especially the chapters they’d rather delete from the book.

Whether you are stuck personally or professionally – I can help you uncover the underlying reason it’s likely stemming from the same place. And then make the necessary changes so you can lead yourself and your team and organization to meaningful work, and subsequent results.